This sweet Denmark band are lovely as humans and lovely as artists/musicians. I had the honor of dining with this group and I found them all to be very humble, quite hilarious and downright good looking, the whole lot of them. They put on a great show at Spaceland that had half of the crowd in awe, the other half somewhat confused. They’ve got a bit of a showy art style to them when they’re performing. They rock out, go into trances at times, letting the instruments take them on a free ride. A bit different from their album, but quite good.
This is my favorite song off their latest, released last year. It sounds good at any time of the day.

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3 Responses to Eftlerklang

  1. Sarah says:

    i just interviewed OH LAND do you know her? sweetheart. Denmark too! xx

  2. I love this song, and the video is so beautiful. And there are baby dear FACES….CUTE FACE!

  3. I’m following you now…

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