Ahhh, this song is one I return to ove and over again. A man that can sing in this pitch and sound this beautiful is a damn good thing. I was lucky enough to see Bon Iver play a show at the Hollywood Cemetery – at 5:30 AM. It was a slumber party at the cemetery. 12 Buddhist Monks came in at 4:30 AM to chant for an hour. Then, as the sky turned from black, to orange, to red, to grey, Bon Iver played in the cemetery. I can’t imagine an artist that would have been able to capture such magic, such beauty at such an hour in such a setting. This is my favorite song from his last album out years ago. Nice work, Bon Iver. You’re magical.

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3 Responses to Flume

  1. jcwiatt says:

    I still havent listened to him!

  2. I hope you will listen to this one…immediately!

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