Rupa & The April Fishes

Let’s not really focus on my cheap ways. I don’t want to highlight how I’m using a free blog to pinch pennies, thus leaving me to blog only songs that are posted on youtube.

Today, my bargain-savvy self ended up with a nice little free treat.
I wanted to post Rupa & The April Fishes ‘Poder’ but it wasn’t available on youtube.

What I did find, was this shiny pearl. This delicious treat. Now on my third consecutive play, I’m posting so that you, too, may enjoy free  and beautiful music.

Rupa & her fishies played a tiny club in LA about 7 years back. I didn’t know who they were, didn’t know who I was going to see. Out of the foggy lighting walks this petite beauty who danced, bounced, smiled and blew this teensy club up into flames.
Since then, I’ve been a fan of their music. If they’re ever in your hood, don’t be silly or cheap; go check them out.

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