Rocco Deluca

Rocco, a band like this, how do they slip through the cracks? How do they take so long to gain mass exposure when other bands immediately ‘make it?’ Perhaps our general massive consumption of music is for the general mass who love their pop music. Pop music being the candy for ADD kids everywhere. Ohhh, slide guitar and blues, please make your way into those kiddies’ brains.
Take away the candy, you get something edible and nutritious like Rocco Deluca and the Burden.
No burden to bare, this band has some serious ass-kicking qualities to them. Rocco, himself, holds and handles the guitar with ease. His voice does things that I can’t explain in words. Do yourself a favor after you listen to this, download “Nightingale” for an example of his vocal awesomeness.
They opened for Rodrigo y Gabriela last Summer. The venue was silent and somewhat stoned for their performance. Nice choice, Rod y Gab.
Here’s Rocco’s ‘Swing Low’

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One Response to Rocco Deluca

  1. IloveRocco says:

    I was wondering the same thing myself!! Why isn’t Rocco bigger yet? I mean he is so INCREDIBLE!
    Other bands like Brandi Carlile, she seems to have gotten bigger than Rocco is right now. And of course I’m so happy because she and her band deserve success, they are incredible just like Rocco.
    They’ve played her video’s on tv, her songs in tv shows. But for Rocco, when his video for “Save Yourself” or Colorful came on tv they didn’t seem to play them enough, at least I thought so.
    And I saw another new artist once, can’t remember her name right now, nominated for a Grammy, and I think to myself, what about Rocco and Brandi? I heard that Rocco was at the Grammy’s backstage but not nominated? I don’t think that’s fair. Hope they are nominated soon though because so many people love Rocco and Brandi!

    I love Rocco DeLuca and The Burden!

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