Ray Lamontagne singing to my favorite moments

Last summer, the two girls who my heart completely and utterly belongs to spent some time with me in Los Angeles. My sisters. The beats of my heart. These girls were shaved from the shiniest star, filled up with the most pure turquoise of the ocean, and given to us to do nothing but enrich those around them.
And, that’s the truth. These girls are unlike any others I’ve met. I’m so honored to know them. That they’re my sisters makes me the luckiest big sister out there.
Ray Lamontagne is one of their favorite artists, as well as one of mine. I had the opportunity to take them to see Ray perform at the Hollywood Bowl last July.
This song came on, and with all our radiant love under those Hollywood stars, we held hands and sang along to this lovely song. I sang for the girls, their teenage years and what’s in store for two young women like that.
Ray has a talent for singing something in a way that anyone can connect to. I like that in a singer. It makes me happy to connect, through a song, and be taken on a ride. Whether it’s through the futures of my two beloved sisters, or back to a moment in my past.

Here’s one of my faves, and thanks to Ray and the girls, one of my favorite nights.

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One Response to Ray Lamontagne singing to my favorite moments

  1. Beth says:

    His music touches my soul too. In fact, I just introduced someone to his music yesterday! Looks like we ♥ the same kinds of music 🙂

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