Rodrigo y Gabriela, I give thanks

I should send flowers, a basket of fruit or a bottle of whiskey to Rodrigo y Gabriela. I owe them thanks. Their music pushed me through the last 10 miles of my full-marathon last year and I don’t know if I could have done it without those two albums on my ipod.

It’s hard to believe these songs, with such full sound, are made up of just two people. I’m fond of the fact that they used to be thrash metal, and this soft spoken, angel-faced Gabriela throws out the horns hand gesture at concerts.

I saw them perform in someone’s living room once and then again at some LA venues. Every time I’m completely floored and totally proud that a girl bashes, plays, rules, thrashes and pounds a guitar the way she does.

Every song of theirs is great. Srrrriously.

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One Response to Rodrigo y Gabriela, I give thanks

  1. Beth says:

    100% agree!!! They rock and she can pound a guitar like none other! 🙂

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