Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars

Reggae is difficult to not adore.
Throw in a bunch of strangers who come together in the name of music as a way to get through the fact that they lost families, friends and were relocated from their home in Sierra Leone, and you have a really powerful reggae/afro beat band.
The Refugee All Stars have created quite a message; in chaos, loss and utter personal devastation, you can find a way to deal and impact others. This band chose the route of music.
Their music is passionate and uplifting most of the time, sometimes touching on what they’ve endured. Their documentary is something not to be missed. Especially if you’re sipping on your espresso with your blue tooth, heading out to get your teeth whitened before your movie premiere. Have a little watch so you can get some perspective on why it’s not ok to waste a day bitching about your LA weather and traffic.

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2 Responses to Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars

  1. Adam Swart says:

    Nice selection Ms. Austin!

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