Girl and the Sea / The Presets

Sometimes, I put on my motorcycle helmet, rev my bike engine and hit the canyons of LA, getting lost in the curves and the scents and the winding pavement draped along the pacific ocean. Sometimes, I follow behind my rugged biker friends, sometimes I go alone as girl on bike. I love those moments. As any safe biker would do, I always bring my ipod.
Every single time this song comes on my ipod, I transform into my surroundings. I’m not just girl on bike, I’m flowers along the road, I’m purple mountains on my horizon, I’m seagulls along the ocean, I’m sun going down…and I love it.
Something about this girl in the sea leaving everything behind, combined with girl on bike riding alone seems to fit together.

“Tonight the…
Tonight the hills are watching her as she runs towards the sea.
Yeah, she runs so she’ll be free.
And of all the friends and enemies she’s made along the way,
They are nowhere in her thoughts as she dives beneath the waves.”
That’s about right. Once I hop on my motorcycle, I’m completely alone and the experience, even when I ride with friends, becomes a solitary one. So beautiful.

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2 Responses to Girl and the Sea / The Presets

  1. nicksharpela says:

    lovely, dear. just dont drown on that thing, k?

  2. This song would be dangerous to me if I was riding a motorcycle. I hear it isn’t safe to shake your butt and dance on a bike?

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