Stay Humble / The Lytics

Thanks, Canada! Thanks for clean streets, handsome people and thank you for The Lytics.
I spent a few days in Toronto back in March for Canadian Music Week. Among the many talented musicians was this soft spoken youngster (I sound grandma aged right now) named Mungala. Dawning a backpack and a big, flashy smile, he handed me a CD. After reminded to listen by a friend, I unwrapped the plastic and popped it into my stereo.
Ka-Bam! The beats, the lyrics and the marriage of hip hop and African influence all make for a damn good record!
The Lytics, in just a few short months, have been making strides in the music industry and it’s exciting to watch as this unsigned, unpublished start-to-finish-album-gem type group becomes recognized.
Here’s ‘Stay Humble, Stay Easy’

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