In Honduras with the Talking Heads as prophets

A few years ago I found myself properly backpacking throughout every country in Central America. Every time I crossed a border, I was eager to hear the music of my new surroundings (as well as taste the coffee). My boyfriend and I, both being warriors of the American music industry, would seek out the country favorite recommendations from our friendly locals. There was one song, in particular, that stood out in our 5 weeks of trekking through Central America.
The plan was to take a bus from Guatemala into Honduras where we’d get lost in another country for a while. We waited roadside for a few hours, when finally our tiny, old bus arrived.  Stepping into the bus was like stepping into a scene from San Francisco in the 60’s: dreadlocks, bare feet, patchouli and marijuana clouds and guitars in the hands of every good looking, modern day backpacker. Being that Adam and I had spent every other bus ride squeezed in between goats and people, we were so excited to meet this crew of …free birds?
Late in the night, dreadlocks sleeping and someone’s ipod playing softly inside the bus, we popped a tire at the border of Guatemala and Honduras. Everyone piled out of the bus, standing in the torrential downpour of rain, in the makeshift road surrounded by jungle and stray dogs while Adam and the bus driver figured out how to put on the tire. As we all climbed back into the bus, soaking wet, tired, unaware of where we were going (you never really have any idea where you’re going to land in this kind of travel, you just prepare for anything), the ipod started up again, our safety line to comfort.
The song that came on couldn’t have been more appropriate. The randomness of the shuffle made everyone stop and draw in in silence. What played was Talking Heads’ ‘Road to Nowhere.’
We set off on that old, bumpy road into the night, silently listening to ‘Road to Nowhere’ as we individually, and as a group, took in in awe what was to become our Honduras experiences.
That song will forever be that experience to me, and I’m grateful the Talking Heads were able to accompany us all in that moment.

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