The Magic Numbers with ‘This is a song’

I love the Magic Numbers.I love, also, that they put out a record this year in July, which I just found out about (thanks internet stranger!) and I just got the link to download (thanks, label!). I adore the album that came out in 2007 and eagerly wait for something…anything else by this band of siblings.

I give to you, ‘This is a Song’

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4 Responses to The Magic Numbers with ‘This is a song’

  1. LongLegs says:

    Ello 🙂

    The Magic Numbers released a new album on the 26th July called ‘The Runaway’
    They are going on tour around the UK and Europe during September and October and perhaps then onto the US.

    They also have a Magic Transistor Radio podcast where they play their favourite tunes.

    All this info is available here:

    The new album is amazing a different direction, but beautiful.
    Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  2. Long Legs!
    Thanks so much for the info. That album completely slipped by – I’m getting the link to DL now!
    I’ll update.
    And, I won’t post in haste as I did that one yesterday.
    Thanks for reading, listening …and sadly, fact checking!

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