Heavy heads and stars

There was a night a few years back when I had somehow convinced a brave man to spend a weekend camping and skydiving with me. Immediately crushed by his smile when we met, I was elated to share some time with him out in the desert in my magical space: California City. The place where I first jumped out of an airplane and where the stresses of LA living could never, ever reach me. We hopped in my car for the 2-hour ride up to the desert. He’d made a few CDs and among them was this song by Wilco.
Windows down, music up.
Crisp night air.
Hair blowing, stars shining brightly.
Miles of city lights slowly dissolving in the rearview mirror as the deep shadows and shapes of mountains became our new backdrop.
It was definitely our California Stars night.

When I play this song, I remember nights in California, soaked in new love and old love. I like this song for having that memory attached. But, I also like that song because memory or not, it speaks to us Californians who’ve ever felt alive and happy when looking into the night sky.


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