Ryan Bingham has a way with dads

Last Summer a good friend of mine made the trek down to LA for a visit. We spent the short few days skipping rocks, chasing sunsets and discussing life. One night after libations and sandy toes in Malibu, we made our way through the windy roads of the California coastal canyons with this song on repeat. My dear friend had been feeling the cracks of silence and distance between he and his father growing stronger. They’d fallen into a pattern of not calling, not voicing their affection, and both fearing rejection, they continued to avoid each other. Time and life quickly becoming the past, they were both missing out on precious time together. This heartbreaking cycle happens all of the time in various forms of relationships, unfortunately.
Brave from his day, urged by this song and phone in hand, he dialed up that phone number of his fathers. A half hour later, they were connected again. And, updates from him since last Summer tell me they’ve formed a new friendship and relationship.
I raise my glass, and heart, to those two men. And, I give them both credit; one for dialing, the other for picking up, and to them both for ending a cycle and risking failure in the name of love.
Here’s the lovely Ryan Bingham with the song that’ll be attached to my friend, his father and that late night phone call on the top of Kanan Canyon.

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