Drinkin’ the kool-aid with John Mayer/ Vultures

I avoided this celebrity “heartthrob” for years. His Wonderland song was overplayed on the radio and it quickly turned me off of the Mayer wagon.
Until: earlier this year I was lucky enough to be a part of Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago (check out the dvd!). Among the epic lineup of skilled guitarists/artists was this guy. This guy.
I hesitated to check him out, but I’m glad I did.
Mayer no doubt has a magic touch on the guitar. Forget his dashing good looks, he has an incredible timing and a buttery way with the strings.
This song echoed out over thousands of people under the Chicago sky and it caught my attention. I walked from the stage out into the crowd and was pleasantly pleased with what I heard.
Since then, I’ve given in to checking out the product, John Mayer. And, when I dig into his more bluesy stuff (the goodness not played on the radio), I like what I find.


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One Response to Drinkin’ the kool-aid with John Mayer/ Vultures

  1. Jen Hogervorst says:

    I could not agree more. I saw John live four or 5 years ago and I was completely blown away by his guitar skills. I have seen him 3 times in total and every show was amazing.

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