Neko Case / This Tornado Loves You

This fierce red-headed beauty is something else. Neko visited the Hotel Cafe for an industry-only showcase last year. We caught her in the midst of a whirlwind tour she’d been on for some weeks. She’d flown in that day from a different country, booked it to the Hotel Cafe on no sleep, no shower and performed for a crowd of mostly too-cool-to-show-any-pleausure-in-music music sups and publishers. I felt for her.
However, she sleepily walked on stage with her haggard looking (and rightfully) band and jammed out some music that was impressive alone, even more so given their situation. Neko is a stormy singer-songwriter. She rocked in The New Pornographers, but she is (in my opinion) so much stronger as Neko Case and Her Boyfriends.
I have respect for her, for her music, and for being such a female dynamo.
Here’s one of my favorite songs from 2009’s Middle Cyclone Album: “This Tornado Loves You.”


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