Arcade Fire / No Cars Go

Five or six years ago back I heard “Wake Up” and was immediately taken by it. Arcade Fire’s instant grab is hard to avoid.
After a solid few years of loving their music, I finally made my way to the front row of an Arcade Fire show. Under the stars of the Hollywood Bowl, this band BLEW MY MIND. Not only did they sound even better live, but the energy of this band is beyond anything I’ve seen before.
After a song, the members would throw down their instruments and RUN around, scrambling through the stage like they were on fire, to find different instruments, quickly picking up and starting a new song. They are no one-trick pony. They switch up instruments/mics more times than Lady Gaga changes her costumes.
An added bonus: The entire band, with incredibly gorgeous faces, SMILE throughout the whole show.
Their love of performing is contagious, and every time I’ve seen them play, the crowd around me appears completely, wildly possessed by the same joy that Arcade Fire presents on stage.
Arcade Fire is, to me, the best so far of this decade.
Here’s one of my favorite songs, with one of my favorite lyrics: “Between the click of the light, and the start of the dream.”


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