The Please-Remember-Me-Beard

Iron & Wine. Funny, many years ago when I first heard the name of this artist I thought it was a rock band of sorts.
Iron & Wine is so very far from rock. Sam, the artist behind I&W, figured out the musical ingredients needed to ease souls and calm hearts:
thoughtful songwriting
a soothing voice
unassuming instruments
The  beard completely fits his music. In fact, I’d expect nothing less than his thick, long beard  behind the magical sounds of Iron & Wine.

I thought when I saw BB King this year that I’d completed my list of Must-See-Artists. But, just now, in beard mode, I’m remembering there’s one left to see.

I want to see this beard, in candle light in a small venue. Then, only then, my list will be complete.

This song is not only my favorite from Sam, but is also in my Top 10 favorite songs of all-time. The lyrics are damn sad and yet hopeful.

Since this video doesn’t show the gorgeous beard behind the music, here’s a photo.

Enjoy the song!

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