Forgive me for I have sinned

I’d smack my face if I were you. I’ve posted somewhere around 70 songs and yet there’s not one Mother Mother song up yet.
You’d never know I stalk this band. Or that every song they have recorded, I have. You’d have no idea that I’ve kept up with their label (Last Gang…yeah!), their publisher (Ole…yeah!) as if we were all BFFs just to be sure they share new releases with me. I’ve earned this band money in placements, I’ve been to their every LA show in the past 3 years and I have a huge crush on their Billy Idol looking lead singer. Though, every member of this band is outrageously beautiful.

Mother Mother is a unique band with hard-to-get-these-days versatility. They rock the oxgyen out of any venue,  leaving you rocking your arms in the air, breathless with excitement and contagious energy.  When I got my fingers on their music a few years back I immediately became a fan. Being the go-getter I am, I achieved “obsessed” status soon after, knowing every lyric to every single song, having the liner notes almost memorized.

I have my fingers crossed that Mother Mother will continue on with their smarter-and-more-clever-than-the-majority-of-Americans lyric style, their perfectly married instrumentals and will FINALLY receive millions of hits on youtube, millions of sales on itunes and will look back and say “It was probably that one girl’s blog.”

(I totally cheated…I posted two songs…shhh!)

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