And, then it hit me.

I’ve generally burst at my heart’s seams daily for the past 10 years or so. Often, I’d see a sunset and immediately feel gratitude that’d shake my insides. I realize I’ve lived a blessed life; my family is extraordinarily intricate and loving. They’re individuals with many stories and I appreciate all of them. My hardships, which are no more or no less than anyone’s, are mine and mine alone so I’ve learned to love them and use them in my favor. Learning from them and holding tight to them for reference in how far I’ve come.
Lately, with the fierce competition and dying budgets in my line of work, I’ve taken to fear and (I’m ashamed to say it) sulking. The career I’ve chosen is beyond a doubt where I belong, but it is one that challenges. Not in the work itself, but in the ability to keep the flow steady.
With that being said, in my sulky state, today I witnessed a gorgeous sunset. One that shook my insides and tore down the new me that’d gotten in the way of the grateful me. As usual, in my sunset, flocks of birds flew across the sky, peppering the blues and reds, purples and oranges in my view with black movement.
Sometimes shit gets hard.
But, maybe, in that, you realize a new truth. Maybe we need some shaking up, from time to time, to fall in love again with our own strengths. Our own inner beauties and our ability to remember what we love, what we stand for and that we really are ourselves.
With that being said and “long story short”…
I love James McMorrow.
His music & my new sunset shared the same day.
This youtube video doesn’t compare to the mastered track so do yourself a favor and buy the entire album.


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One Response to And, then it hit me.

  1. WOw….those words just put me in a better place than I have been in a long time. Thank you SO much.

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