Right up there with Gonzo at times

Man. Eric Clapton. I had no idea that this man, as skilled at guitar and vocals as he is, has lived such a wild life.
I’m 30 pages from the end of his autobiography, which I’ve blazed through in 3 nights, and I’m finding myself with a whole new respect and admiration for this man.
I admit, I haven’t been the biggest Clapton fan. However, it is now my exciting adventure to look into his older stuff.
Without blowing the book for any of you who may buy it (do it…do it), I will say that I am loving the stories of walking NY with Jimi Hendrix and upstaging local dive bar acts…dropping acid with the Beatles, playing with incredible musicians and so forth. His background in addictions, his painful loss of his son and all of the oodles of struggles, both self-inflicted and otherwise, make this a great book.
Here’s a delicious pick to go along with my new respect for this talented musician.


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