Operation Ivy for a bit of nostalgia

I transferred High Schools my senior year. Giving up my patchouli oil wearing friends for the “big city” school kids. I made friends my first day with a 5’11 blonde bombshell named Kelly. We became inseparable. This girl was far cooler than I’d had hopes to be. She drove a 1980-something Buick Regal with plush seating and a sweet tape cassette player with some serious speakers. Kelly introduced me to Op Ivy, Black Flag, Rancid, etc. She’d take me skateboarding with her (where I’d always eat the cement…over and over again), blasting Op Ivy in her baggy jeans with that Vogue cover model smile. Kelly was damn cool.
I loved Op Ivy right away.
I still love ’em.
Kelly’s still cool – having followed the snow for the past 10 years as a hardcore snowboarder.
Somethings just never lose their coolness.

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