George Stanford / Meet Me In LA

“These helicopters fly
over my house all day and night
Flying their VIPs
Wherever they need to be
And you might think that I’m nuts
But one day that’s gonna be us”

That sums up LA: helicopters, VIPs and the drive and dreams of so many transplants to get a piece of the glitz out of that big, lovely, bustling city.
The first time I heard George Stanford I dug him. His vocals are warm, his instrumentals light and catchy. His latest album, Roll Away, is better than anything else he has put out that I’ve heard. I like his new direction and it sounds like he is out to please nobody’s expectations but his own.

In addition to making good music, this guy is a solid character. He played live when the gem, Cranes Bar, was still up and running and housing some of the special Beachwood Rockers. I like knowing that behind good music sits a good person. George (and his gorgeous wife) are just that.


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One Response to George Stanford / Meet Me In LA

  1. Nikole says:

    Great Blog!
    Great Song!
    Great Gal!

    love it.

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