Ryan Innes / Georgia / Soul-dipped goodness

Every year for the past 5 years I’ve spoken at the Durango Songwriter Expo, a really great, intimate gathering of hopeful songwriters/singers sharing their art with industry who is sharing their advice and wisdom. DSE has turned me on to some great, shiny artists and this past expo in Colorado was no different.
Ryan Innes was in one of my listening sessions and I was totally dumbfounded about 5 seconds into his song. As soon as that buttery, strong, soft, sexy voice started belting out of the tiny CD player, I stopped it and looked at this quiet, humble, shy face in the audience and asked “Is that you singing?” I couldn’t believe it. DSE has seen some real talent, but Ryan Innes caught me off guard for sure.
I happily listened to his entire CD in my hotel later that night and since then it’s become a familiar sight in my itunes rotation.
It’s hard to say where Ryan is going to go. Far too often, extreme talent like this stays pretty indie because the machine is too much of a beast to tackle without some kind of magic or luck. My hope is that this song will be making the ladies of the masses swoon soon enough. We could use a humble, organic adult out there bringing some delicious soul back into the field.
Here’s his website for those of you who are into supporting the true indies: www.ryaninnes.com


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