Happy New Year / Amos Lee “Windows Are Rolled Down”

I’ve been anxious for this song to pop up on youtube for a good half-year. The album was shot over to me early this year as a pre-release (comes out in 2011…trust me, it’s worthy of the purchase). The production, instruments and lyrics of this song make this the top song of the album for me. I find myself a little more positive, a little more inspired and a little more anxious to be present when this song comes on my stereo. Thank God for songs that move you. This is one of them.

2011 is approaching and I am more than ready to put to bed this past year as I welcome a new year of life and living.

A few fitting lyrics as I wait for 2011 in the last hours:

Look up child
The world is born
Shoe’s untied
And your soles are worn

Windows are rolled down
Sun is setting high
Windows are rolled down
I’m fixin’ to die

Happy New Year!

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One Response to Happy New Year / Amos Lee “Windows Are Rolled Down”

  1. *K* says:

    Yeah, girl!! Best song. Thanks for the share!!!

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