Gerry Rafferty

Just today I learned that Gerry Rafferty passed away and I have to admit I had to google the man to find out who it was. His music has never existed in my itunes, but “Baker Street” clogged the airwaves in my mom’s old 60-something, orange beemer we rode around California in when I was just a bouncy-haired little one. “Right Down The Line” and “Stuck In The Middle” are two other great ones I remember. One I wasn’t aware of that is gorgeous is “Whatever’s Written In Your Heart.” He was quite a songwriter.

His death is a sad one; he battled against alcohol and it turns out, the booze won. This kind of stories always make me sad.

Anyway, here’s “Baker Street” because I’m loving the reminiscing of that old beemer, my mom’s beautiful locks cascading through the wind of the sunroof, my brother’s endless presence in my childhood and those warm, sunny days in Morro Bay.
RIP Mr. Gafferty – thanks for supplying some songs to my life’s soundtrack.


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