Cold War Kids / Coffee Spoon

Cold War Kids are lyrical bullies. This American indie rock band, in their sexy, tight jeans and dashing, hip button shirts and sunglasses, can sing and rap off-centered poetry around most songwriters out there right now. Their clever, intelligent songs don’t disappoint those of us who crave mental jungles to explore while listening to a good song. Cold War Kids truly sound like no other band of their kind. Their instrumentals sound antique, with stoney drum beats, spacious organ licks and sing-songy vocals that take you on an audio road trip. Not all bands are created equal; Cold War Kids prove that, song after song after song with an understated “In your face” punch.
“Coffee Spoon” has me craving wild, California nights spent on windowsills, rooftops and billboards, boozed up with my most favorite partners in crime.
I’m eagerly waiting for the new album to download. I plan on breaking it in with a few days of straight obsession. Just like the previous CWK releases.


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2 Responses to Cold War Kids / Coffee Spoon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like it alot~and love the white sand beaches too~

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