Louder Than Ever / Cold War Kids

Didn’t I just post “Coffee Spoon” by Cold War Kids a few days ago?
Isn’t that shameful? The same band within just a few days?
Probably, but Cold War Kids just released their latest album, Mine Is Yours, and it’s so fierce, so on fire, that it deserves to be posted about, cranked up loudly on your home stereos, car stereos, ipods, iphones…

I mean, this album is FIERCE! Every song on the album feels like a chart-topping single. Listening to this album just FEELS like summer. It’s been on repeat for hours and hours and inside my bones there is an energy brewing, a 20’something feeling of power, adventure, curiosity and TOTAL rock-the-f-out desire. (The song “Bulldozer” makes me dizzy…SO GOOD!).

Ahh, Cold War Kids…they’ve proven themselves to be MILES in front of other indie rock bands. CWK is around for a while. They widen the gap between average indie bands and bands that will stand the test of time. Clearly, the CWK have proven themselves, and now they’re proving what it takes to be a stand-out  band. They are no longer grouped with the thousands of other indies out there. They stand alone.

Get the album.
Then see them live this Summer.
Rock your face off!

(When you click ‘play’ it’ll lead you to youtube…it’s a protected video…go ahead…click away…you’ll be happy you did)

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