LCD / Sound of Silver

It’s Saturday.
Coffee is digested, sunshine is blazing through the windows, warming up my fat dog dozing away on the warm floor, and LCD is prepping me for my long run today.

I once had front row box tickets at the Hollywood Bowl to see Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem. I shared this box with three beautiful friends. We drank wine from the bottles as we rambunctiously waited for the opening act. Out came this OUTRAGEOUS band, our wine-filled heads were unable to contain the excitement and energy. Falling out of our pants in a dizzying spell of dance moves, wine bottles toasting under the stars, we laughed and smiled at this unknown band – all 4 of us knowing they were something special. But, who were they?

Drrrr…it was LCD. Of course it was. We watched them like they were brand new. 🙂
Rock on.



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