The Presets / Girl & The Sea

A few years ago, I was dragged into a stuffy, sweaty crowded tent to see The Presets play for the Coachella crowd. I walked in, expecting a DJ. Another DJ, with his carefully calculated ridiculous jeans, tipped hat and embroidered Technics shirt, his bulging eyes and 25 blond girls, all looking like replicas of each other, standing around the DJ booth wondering if the people in the crowd appreciate how cool they are for being near the God.
Instead, I got the Presets. Two Australian men in suits running back and forth across the stage to different turntables/macs, mastering the music, beats, drops and shining lights down upon the sea of dancing fans. Without any warning, I was held hostage to their rhythmic dance-punk music, my body completely taking over and dancing to every single drop of sound they produced.
Since then, I have worn the hell out of this song here. Not quite as dancey or upbeat as what I heard in the tent that night, but good, nonetheless.

This song has escorted me on countless sunset motorcycle rides; just me, my motorcycle, the sunset and The Presets. The imagery in the lyrics of a girl getting gone fit my solo rides of me on my bike, ipod hooked up to my ears, and my side mirrors losing track of how many miles those two tires gobbled up and spit out. Topanga, PCH, Oxnard, Malibu, mountain & canyon roads…the roads that became part of my bike and I. One, fluid, connected motion of wind & life.
Accompanied by these lyrics:
Tonight the. Tonight the hills are watching her.
As she runs towards the sea.
Yeah she runs so she’ll be free


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