Dan Reeder / Havana Burning

Praise the internet. It’s not enough that I am emailed & snail mailed gobs & buckets of musicians far and wide from labels, publishers, managers and artists themselves, but to be able to stumble upon someone like Dan Reeder really sets my day right.
I have to wonder, though, why isn’t Dan someone sent to music supervisors? How did this organic and genuinely artist musician slip past me for so long, unnoticed? With the masses of predictable, production-abused pop music & the overflowing list of really great new “indie” on my desk…something as creative, off-center and musically charming as Dan Reeder is like a pallet cleanser.
Listening to his older music & 2010 release has me feeling like I just wiped clean my slate and I can now tackle the over-blogged (but loved) music swarming in my inbox, download folder and manila envelopes.
Do yourself a favor, dig a little into some of his older (and pretty inappropriate, in an amusing way) art. It’s worth a listen.


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