The Silent Comedy / Blood On The Rails


It’s been a week since I saw this band in Santa Cruz and I haven’t been able to post about The Silent Comedy until now. I don’t think my words & I know this youtube video will do them justice.

Let’s start by saying: I have averaged about 100-150 shows per year for a good 4 years. I see bands of all genres/all levels of success. Some I snooze through, some I dance to, some are background to a great night with friends, and some are so incredible that I become an instant-super-fan.

The Silent Comedy gave me a reaction so rare these days in live shows. I was completely floored / flabbergasted and wildly giddy about this band. I can’t put into words how shockingly outrageous this band is live.

This band is flooded with energy. They are hungry. They are full of life and color. They killed it onstage in ways that Muse doesn’t, in ways that Radiohead doesn’t, in ways that bands that have already earned their stripes can’t. I was turned upside-down in their 45 minute set and after they left the stage – I craved them.

I urge you to check their website & see when they play in your area. I urge you to like them on Facebook – buy some of their music off of itunes & then…once you’re as hooked as I am – I urge you to tell me all about it.

Here’s an acoustic, mellow song. If I were their manager, I’d put some money into getting some of their lively live shows up on the internet (#failmgr). Until then, read my words, trust them and enjoy this acoustic version.


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7 Responses to The Silent Comedy / Blood On The Rails

  1. Eileen says:

    Try looking at my personal favorite, and very well filmed “The Well” at the Casbah.
    Or the more mellow “Footnotes”

    and no, I’m not their manager 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    I’ve been watching this band grow for about 5 years into who they have become today. Such a crazy powerhouse of energy. Nothing is capable of catching their raw live energy. It just isn’t possible. I’m so glad you fell in love with them!

  3. Amber says:

    I’ve been a fan since the get-go and absolutely love this band. So glad you enjoyed them! Keep craving!

  4. dharma69 says:

    TSC on video and in recorded form are good, but nothing is comparable to when their feet hit a stage before the likes of you and me.

    “I was turned upside-down in their 45 minute set and after they left the stage – I craved them.”

    That, my dear, is who they are and how they roll.

    Here’s many more The Silent Comedy shows in your future:-).

  5. MF says:

    sheblogs, thanks for introducing the band…quite nice..! iam stuck with ‘gasoline’ for now..but, listening to these here each song reminds me of a different artist – sometimes blackcrowes or mountain goats or james blunt, even t&tarantula at times …perhaps just me?

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