Alcoholic Faith Mission / Escapism

Big thank you to Avi over at Breakthru Radio ( for shooting me an email with this video. Avi took notice of my post on Danish awesomeness, Alcoholic Faith Mission, from weeks ago and decided that this would be a nice follow-up. You’re right, Avi. This is some good shhhh–! And, a perfect way to cleanse my ears of the soundtracks I’m working on today.
I support this band and am thrilled to gobble up anything more they create and thrilled to watch them build & grow. I listen to so much music every week for work, so much every week for fun – I think Alcoholic Faith Mission sound just different enough to stand out from the cornucopia of music out there. I dig.
Support them here:

Here’s a stripped down video of them performing
“Escapism” at the Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Chinatown.



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