The New Division / Starfield

You are in for a treat.
This song feels like 2002 to me and I’m loving it. Fast-moving traffic in the dark city nights of Los Angeles, buzzing with energy, heading from spot to spot with groups of friends and glasses full. This is the song you want playing throughout that entire sequence of good times in the good nights of the lost city.
Rookie, the 2011 EP, is as good as it gets; a 6-song album that takes you through a dreamy experience only to leave you frantically pushing play again as soon as the last track ends. In my world of music supervision, I see this song fit for any scene with a smile, with love, friends, solo experiences – it’s so perfect as it is. The New Division has nailed it. Consider this music blogger a fan.
Check them out, buy the EP & have a look at their tour schedule:


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