Jaymee Dee / Rolling In The Deep (cover)

World, meet Megan K. A high school student from Southern Oregon whose passion for music keeps her prowling the internet for new music she can drink down like sweet tea on a hot, humid day. I recognized Megan’s great taste in music and interest through her many facebook posts of music.
I thought how great would it be to hear what those teens are listening to – not the teens who turn on the radio and think that Lil’ Wayne and Gaga are the only musicians out there. But, the teens who are super-addicted to music. Finding it. Uncovering it. Hearing things others haven’t heard yet.
Those teens.
So, I asked Megan if she wanted to own a day here and there on my blog. She said yes. So, Megan – welcome!
Here’s Megan’s post (and such a kickass choice, too!):

It’s amazing all the wonders YouTube has provided for the world. In some peoples cases it’s to laugh at them or laugh with them, for others it’s being discovered in the music world!
It’s easy to say that this little lady is well on her way to something amazing. Jayme Dee, a college student in California, has impressed over thousands of people with her unique sound and love for music. She has an acoustic style and is musically influenced by artists like Corinne Bailey Rae, Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones. She has over twenty covers – all of which are creatively rearranged and some I like more than the originals. Jaymee has a fun style which makes it easy to adore her. I find myself anxiously waiting to hear more, and when I do I never seem to be disappointed.
Check her out on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/jaymedeemusic) and see for yourself her upcoming events and other YouTube videos.

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