KS Rhoads / Dark Hotel

I’m in the middle of a love-affair-of-music with a man who loves the kind of music that makes you feel like your heart weighs more than your entire body. Heavy on strings and sad-bastard type lyrics. Friday night we had a sad-off, sending each other a playlist of 10 incredibly heartbreaking, in the best way, songs. This song was one he sent to me. I hadn’t heard it before. KS is one of the Ten out of Tenn. artists – which are all really fantastic: http://www.10outoftenn.com/

Support KS here: http://www.ksrhoadsstore.com/

I have it on repeat today. You may have the same reaction. Enjoy!

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One Response to KS Rhoads / Dark Hotel

  1. MikeF says:

    Kevin (KS) is amazing. I love “Dark Hotel” but my favorite (and another sad one) is “Dead Language”.

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