Keegan Dewitt / Two Hearts

She blogs just got back from a fantastic, wild trip to the Nashville Film Festival. Invited out to speak about music supervision, I half-expected the usual topics, usual festivities that go along with speaking engagements. I was happily wrong. Nashville Film Festival’s incredible team of organizers blew me away. The lineup of daily showcases were entertaining, dance-inducing, heartfelt, emotional and totally professional. And, by that I mean: whiskey drenched with amazing music.

I don’t think I’ve spent 5 days getting to know as many talented and friendly indie artists as I did in Nashville. I felt as though I left Music City with a suitcase full of killer music and a handful of great new friends.

Here’s Keegan Dewitt. The band was so tight, instrumentally, they nailed every pluck of the guitar, every punch on the drums so perfectly I was in awe. Keegan, the lead singer, is a dancey ball of energy on stage, making great song-faces, smiling at his band  & sharing his enthusiasm with the crowd. I can’t wait to see him on the big screen, or playing Coachella. Good luck to these guys!
Support Keegan (and be cooler than your friends by knowing who he is first) here:

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