Foster The People / Pumped Up Kicks

SheBlogs welcomes back guest blogger, high school Junior Megan! Here’s a post from this music-loving teenager. Thanks, Megan!

NEW FAVORITE. These guys are fairly new to the scene – having started this band in 2009. They have an electronic rock/alternative sound to them which is a newer sound to me but I’m really becoming a fan of. This song becomes SO catchy and I constantly have it stuck in my head. I discovered this band on an MTV ad a couple of weeks ago and haven’t stopped listening to the song since. What I almost love more than the song itself is their artistry & showy perfomance. They look like they love what they do and are so creative collaborating so many different instruments into the perfect ensemble. In their videos they seem to enjoy a nice little jam session which I believe is the best kind of music. So props to them (:


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