Bon Iver / Calgary

Total rejoice: Bon Iver finally released a new album which I can already say is gorgeous & wonderful. Clearly, Justin is making a habit of this kind of thing. And, I’m a fan of that.
I’ve got a friend who loves music but can’t seem to wrap his mind around Bon Iver. The higher notes that Justin reaches in his vocals turns away my manly-man friend. I wonder how many people are missing out on “getting it” with Bon Iver’s music? What a shame.

I find him to be completely mesmerizing. His music answers a lot of my questions on a lot of different days for so many reasons. So, when I’m asking…it’s Bon Iver I turn to. Without sounding like a bird-wearing, musical-elite hipster, Bon Iver’s music has this magical element to it that I can’t find very often.

I’m super hooked.
Get hooked on his old stuff and new stuff here:

Here’s his latest video.


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