Ray Lamontagne / Be Here Now

Good morning, I hope today brings you life covered in love.

I met with an ayurvedic medicine man a few years back to see how healthy he thought I was living and if there were any improvements I could be making on my vegetarian, sometimes up late night partying lifestyle. Of the suggestions he gave me to live better and cleaner, he wanted me to wake up every morning, pause, then before getting out of bed put my hand on the floor and map out my intentions for the day in my mind before hopping down with my feet.

While, I may not do that (thanks to my Gemini sporadic lifestyle), I do believe wildly in making my first song of the day something thoughtful and inspiring. It feels like it sets the mood for the rest of the day.

What better way to wake this sleepy day with Ray Lamontagne reminding me to “be here now.”
If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t own his music yet, act fast: www.raylamontagne.com/


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One Response to Ray Lamontagne / Be Here Now

  1. Charlotte says:

    Ray Lamontagne is so inspirational. You might also wanna check out this band Pistol Annies: http://www.pistolannies.com their new album Hell on Heels is gonna be great 🙂

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