Imagine Dragons / It’s Time

Damn it, I love good music. I woke up today to find the brand, spanking new Erin Enderlin album on my desk – not a single fingerprint on the shiny packaging. I devoured it up.

Next, I had a listen to this song by Imagine Dragons and it was all I could do to not stomp the shit out of my hardwood floors and scare the life out of my blind kitty.

After a few repeats of this on youtube, I checked out their Facebook page and their sweet website and listened to even more of their refreshingly crisp music. Me: insta-fan.

Check out their website, get friendly with them on Facebook and enjoy this boot-stomping.

Thanks to the very, very wonderful George Oakley for sending my way. You’re so rad.

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One Response to Imagine Dragons / It’s Time

  1. AvonFoerster says:

    I can’t turn my crappy laptop speakers up loud enough to soak in how much I love this song. I so needed this. Foot stomping and desk pounding along in Montréal. Reminds me of the tap dancing beats of Tilly & The Wall. THANK YOU!!!

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