Orlando Napier / Crazy Love

I was stopped in the middle of hundreds of people this past weekend at the Santa Cruz Beer Festival by the faraway sounds streaming from the stage. Drawn by this soulful-poppy sound, my group and I moved towards the music. We were not disappointed by the show. Orlando Napier has a surprisingly silky, heavy voice for such a young, cute kid.
Orlando performs sitting at the keyboards, while his father stands close by with guitar in hand. Although Orlando isn’t yet on a label, I hear he’s been romanced by some publishing companies lately.
If I were someone looking for an artist with the talent, charisma and obvious ability to instantly blow up – he’d be my guy.

Go “like” him here: https://www.facebook.com/orlandonapiermusic
Now, while this video sounds pretty good – it does no justice for his live singing and what I hope will be on his recorded versions, too. But, it’s still worthy of your listen!

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