27’s: Amy Winehouse / Back To Black

Today, we lost a young woman in the very golden years of her youth to the force that is drug and alcohol addiction. Amy’s public showcasing of the workings, wreckings and control of a ferocious, unstoppable addiction make this loss one that many of us who have followed her for years can feel.

Having a long line of family members chained up, tied down and jailed to their addictions, seeing a loss like this feels all too close to me.

Winehouse was, without even attempting to be, a reminder and example of how not even the best producers can create a true vocal talent. She ruled most pop singers of her time and age. In the words of Adam Swart, when Amy sang, you really believed every word she sang about.

Here’s a live version of ‘Back To Black.’ RIP to a young woman gone too soon.


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One Response to 27’s: Amy Winehouse / Back To Black

  1. Jen Hogervorst says:

    RIP Amy. Your music and raw talent will be missed.

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