27’s: Nirvana / Something In The Way

Another artist who left at the early age of 27.

I’m proud to say that my very first concert was Nirvana in a small warehouse in Southern Oregon. I lost my shoe that night crowd surfing, a perfect sacrifice from a 14-year old girl who was experience her first ever musical-mind-blowing. The stage was drenched in a soft blue lighting, the kind you’d expect at a clean facial spa. On stage and hanging from the ceiling were embryos of all sizes. Beneath Kurt, Dave & the rest of the band were gorgeous Egyptian style rugs. It – was – awesome.

When the grunge scene kicked in, my teenage mind and emotions were all afire. Nirvana was the perfect space for me to be somewhat justified in my angst, lovesick, lifesick pained self. Those few short blooming years that were covered in crazy and tightened up with newly-felt emotions will always be associated with Nirvana and Kurt’s downward, public spiral.

This song is one that wore out my walkman back in the day.


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3 Responses to 27’s: Nirvana / Something In The Way

  1. Anonymous says:

    mmmmmm me toooo and i love hearing about you growing up!!!

  2. Funny. It had your tone and I suspected but couldn’t be quite sure! Anyway, thanks for the comments, SDW. SheBlogs LOVES you.

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