Johnny Cash / Sunday Morning Coming Down

I know, hosting a Cash song about Sundays….on a Sunday…is a wee bit obvious. However, there’s just something about a Sunday morning, the way it crawls out from the dawn and lingers a while – just long enough to make the morning feel longer than any other morning. While this song speaks about Cash, hungover, still drunk and watching the various ways other people are spending their Sunday, it strikes a chord in me. Many an LA morning was spent leaving my best girlfriend’s downtown LA loft, heading back to catch the train to my flat in North Hollywood. Head pounding, throat dry, ready to crawl beneath my blankets and erase the daylight, but with the glow of a night (or 3) well spent with one hell of a friend, an intoxicating view of downtown LA, climbing billboards atop skyscrapers, and far too many bottles of wine and handles of trouble.


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