Rodrigo y Gabriela / Hanuman

If I were stuck on an island (please) for the rest of my life and could only bring one artist to listen to, it’d be Rodrigo y Gabriela. True story.
Gabriela is not only the most talented female guitarist I’ve ever heard/seen, but I’d go so far as to say she’s the most talented guitarist. Watching her live is a mind-twisting experience. How she can pluck, jam, smash, bang, strum, hit her guitar at such rapid speeds sounding so f’ing perfect is way beyond my scope of understanding. I can only guess the woman is part-robot, part-alien or has been bleeding her fingers since birth on guitars.
Whatever it may be, I bow down to her over and over again. She’s my hero. Rodrigo is amazing, too. But, Gabriela…
I own all of their music. You should, too.


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