Active Child / Hanging On

With all of the adjustments and travel happening in my life right now, I’ve got to focus on making sure my head, heart and body are all in tune and ready for the next few months.
This means no coffee, cigarettes and hanging on to anything not solid.
This song is heavy, but fitting.
What I love most about Active Child  is that his vocals takes these turns that surprise me,
in the beats, the instrumentals. I love surprises. Active Child is heavy on my radar, I can’t get enough of his music.
Show your love & get some Active Child here.

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2 Responses to Active Child / Hanging On

  1. Wes Davenport says:

    Awesome stuff. I’m visiting Austin, TX next week, and I didn’t see any shows that jumped out at me. Then I listened to this, browsed Active Child’s tour dates, and saw he’s playing at Emo’s while I’m in town!

    It’s definitely fate, haha.

  2. That’s amazing! Be sure to keep me posted – I want to hear how his live show is. Enjoy!

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