First Aid Kit / When I Grow Up

First Aid Kit. The best thing to happen to female vocals in 2009. (They started earlier, but they weren’t born into my itunes until 2009).

Harmony, farms, cozy sweaters, girls you want to know, women you assume know how to bake things, make fireplace fires and have long relationships. Oh, and they rule at making music. So, so lovely.

When I die, after I’ve come back as Sofia Vergara, and then after I’ve come back as Rachael Yamagata, I’ll come back as these ladies. Both of them.

Check them out here. C’mon…it’s just a Facebook like. Do it.

This is a great cover. They have a vast collection of gorgeous originals (read: go purchase some of their tunes!) But I like the lonely, dark beauty in this one.


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