Rachael Yamagata / Full On

Somehow, here in Amsterdam, I found myself with excellent company at a Rachael Yamagata show last night. Unbeknownst to me, my company surprised me with not only a beautiful show but also hours on end of spending time with my absolute all-time favorite female artist. I was a bit nervous that hanging with her would ruin my ideal, perfect vision of her I’d created in my mind. However, it proved to be true and colored her even more deeper shades, as the haunting honesty she reveals in her songwriting is exactly how she speaks and relates to people. I’m absolutely doubled up on my love for the artist and woman now.

One of the first songs was this one. Each song in her set was perfect for a woman (me) who has just fallen from a 5 year relationship and finds herself going through all the sorts of emotions people do after that sort of commitment.

This song, however, spoke to my current take on this now dissolved 5 year compartment of my life:

Ain’t everyone afraid of being figured out
They’re just a fraud, a blank charade
Some bluffing hand that’s been well played

I’ll never tell a soul
You weren’t full on, full on, full on,
No, I’ll never tell a soul,
That you’ve been faking it for so long

Rachael. Pure genius in a warm, unguarded and beautiful package. You ought to look into her music and you ought to purchase a few songs. There are always situations in life that call for some Yamagata therapy.




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