The Lumineers / Ho Hey

I belong with you
You belong with me
In my sweet heart…

Man, if you don’t fall in love with this song and this video, you’re straight up in need of a good face smack. Wake up.

Boot tapping, down home on the horizon, grab-your-lover-scream-along-with-them kind of music, the Colorado band gives me the feeling of sunny days, high hopes and wind.

For certain, The Lumineers will be touring all of the big Summer festivals soon. Follow them on Facebook!

(And, happy mother’s day to all of you mamas!)

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2 Responses to The Lumineers / Ho Hey

  1. This is one of Chris’ and my songs!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH and I’m not just saying that so I don’t get my face smacked. I really do love it so much.

  2. imveryape says:

    This is a great song too. Heard it on Sirius channel 151. They have some stellar Canadian bands.

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