Best of Indiestad: Woodkid / Iron

Today marks the first day of a week-long indie music festival here in Amsterdam. Showcasing some of the sexiest and just-about-to-break-BIG indie artists from all over the world, no doubt there’s something for everyone over the next 7 days.

This week I’m focusing on all Indiestad artistst. Starting off our week with Woodkid. By now I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz around French artist Woodkid. If you haven’t heard it yet, pull the gum, pennies and pop rocks out of your ears and have your first listen to what the rest of us are loving on.

Woodkid can be stalked here.



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One Response to Best of Indiestad: Woodkid / Iron

  1. imveryape says:

    Great video. I had downloaded the song a couple months ago but hadn’t seen this. Very cool.

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